Thursday October 23rd


Warm Up 5 HSPU or Go into Handstand 10 Strict Pull ups 15 Slam Ball AMRAP 7 Min Perform as a Group Skill/Stength Max Effort Dead Hang X 3 WOD Buy In 100 Sit ups Then 200 M Overhead KB Walk 35/26 (alternate at 100M mark) 10 Burpee Pull ups 20 Box Jumps 3 Rounds […]

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Wednesday October 22nd


Lets Play a Game (deck of Cards) Hang Power Snatch 95/55 V-ups KB SDHP 53/35 Push Ups Joker #1= 20 Pull ups Joker #2= 24 Jumping Lunges(total)

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Tuesday October 21st


Warm up 20 Hollow rocks 20 Cal row 20 Weighted Sit ups 35/26 2 rds NFT Strength Weighted Step ups 3 X 10  44/35 KB’s or dumbells each arm WOD 5 Dead Lifts 225/155 12 Toe to Bar 400 M run 4 rounds for time

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Monday October 20th


Warm Up 400 M run/row 12 KB Swings 10 Goblet Squats 3 Rds NFT Strength Front Squats Go Heavy Start with moderate weight high repsthen work towards 1 rep max WOD 20 Wall Ball 10 Power Cleans 135/95 5 burpee Box Jumps 24/20 AMRAP 12 min

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Friday October 17th


Warm ups Wall Ball Sit ups Burpees 21,15,9 Done for time as a group Strength Power Snatch 3,3,3,3,3 work at 50 to 70% of max WOD 400 M run Release Push Ups Box Jumps 21,15,9

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