Wednesday July 1st

WARMUP 5 Pull Ups 10 Good Mornings-45/35 15 Jumping Squats 3 Rds NFT STRENGTH Front Squat GO HEAVY! Take 15 mins and work toward 1RM WOD 21,15,9 Push Press-115/65 Hang Clean-115/65

Tuesday June 30th

WARM UP Dynamic Stretching STRENGTH Push Press 5×5 50%-60% 3×3 70%-80% WOD Annie 50,40,30,20,10 Double Unders(x2 Singles) Sit-Ups FOR TIME

Monday June 29th

WARM-UP 200m run 10 Overhead Squat with PVC 20 Sit-ups 2 Rounds For Time SKILL Turkish Get-up WOD 5 Overhead Plate Lunge-45/35 (each leg) 10 Box Jump Burpees-20/24 5 Hand Stand Push-up 15 Min...

July 26th 2015

Warm Up 10 Box jumps 10 Pull ups 10 Straight Legged Situps 3rds NFT Strength Front SquatsGo Heavy find and record your One Rep Max WOD 5 Box jumps 5 Push ups 5 Wall Ball 20/14 EMOM 20 Min

Thursday June 25th

Warm-up Dynamic Warm-up Mobility/Static Stretching WOD 10-T2B 20-Low Plank/High Plank (low plank then high plank=1 rep) 30-Flutter Kicks (2 count) 40-oblique side crunch (total) 15 MIN AMRAP