Seminole CrossFit is an affiliate member of CrossFit, Inc and is located in Sanford, Florida servicing the Central Florida area. This is more than just a “gym membership”, it’s a complete lifestyle change. Every CrossFit Gym is different in their own ways. Seminole CrossFit is a family and when you train here, you are immediately accepted into our family. Our goal is to provide a total fitness program that conditions and prepares each individual for challenges in and out of the gym. Every day, we are all faced with demanding physical tasks that require you to bend down and pick things up, put things over your head, squat down, run or jump. CrossFit training prepares you for all that by training and performing these essential and functional movements during our workout routines. We accomplish this by combining exercises and training methods from disciplines such as Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and Plyometrics, then perform them in workout routines that are constantly changing in duration, form, and function. We work the entire body and challenge each individual’s ability to change and adapt to the task at hand all while increasing strength, balance, speed, stamina and body control giving you better overall conditioning and making you truly Fit.


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