Renee LeGendre

2015 NPC Bikini Open 1st Place overall winner

What was your biggest challenge when you started preparing your meals ?

The biggest challenge was consuming all 6 meals within a 12 hour period and drinking a gallon of water each day. Since I work in a hospital and it gets crazy, I would set an alarm 2 ½ hours to remind me to eat.

What did typical day worth of meals look like?

1 st meal- 6 egg white, cup of oats(steel cut)

2 nd meal- 25g protein shake with a cup of white grapes or strawberries

3 rd meal- Chicken or tilapia with a cup of rice and a vegetable

4 th meal- Chicken or tilapia with a cup of rice and vegetable

5 th meal- Chicken or tilapia cup of rice and vegetable

6 th meal- Chicken or tilapia and avocado

How many days would prep for and how long did it take?

I would prep for 3 days at a time and it would take about 2 hours, it was definitely worth my time and it became part of my daily routine after a while.

Did you see the benefit of preparing your meals?

Yes, within 2 months I had a flat stomach and my muscles started showing. It also took the guess work out of what I was going to eat. I was also working out 6 days a week.

Did you ever have a cheat meal?

Oh God yes! I was allowed one cheat meal per week and I earned it!

If you were to give advice to someone who was going to start prepping tomorrow, what would that be?

I would recommend being mentally focused and dedicated to your body and if your overall health is really important to you, then you will succeed. I would suggest to buy food in bulk, buy the pack of 5 dozen eggs, bulk chicken(freeze some), and green vegetables(I prefer frozen because it cut down on my prep time). They will need storage containers for the food, this will help ensure your portions are correct.


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